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Welcome to the New Most Strongly Supported

Welcome to the New Most Strongly Supported

Today we’re unveiling one of the few instances where the sequel is better than the original. If you’re looking around at the blog today, you’ll notice a few changes. To rattle all of them off would take the better part of 20 to 23 minutes, so instead, I’ll give you the highlights.

*A discussion board. Now, you can use MSS to interact with others prepping for the LSAT, applying to law school, or just whining about how hard life is. Moderated by real, live LSAT instructors, we hope you’ll use the discussion board as a great way to get in contact with real law school and LSAT experts.

* Actual categorization. If you’re looking to find old posts or articles with a specific subject matter, then you can now navigate using the tabs at the top of the page. A few of the tabs have drop-down menus.

*No more individual blogs. As much as we loved LSAT Ninja, PlanB, Two Birds, and Infinite Loathing, we decided to go with an author system on this blog. If you’re looking for posts from any of the authors of those blogs, you can now search under their tabs on the right-hand side (Colin Elzie for Two Birds, Matt Riley for LSAT Ninja, Dixie Tananbaum for PlanB, Trent Teti and Infinite Loathing).

*More of those little button thingies at the bottom of posts. You can tweet, digg, reddit, email, facebook, or stumble upon any of our posts on the site.

And a lot more. If you dig the new setup, let us know. If you don’t, let us know why. If you find any issues with anything (glitches, weirdness, pictures of fat men bathing), please let us know so we can improve your experience. We hope you enjoy the new MSS.