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Two Weeks Until the February LSAT: Ready to Roll, Right?

The February LSAT is 15 days away. Catch your breath. It’s going to be OK.

By now you should have covered everything that’s going to be on the LSAT. Your job over the next two weeks is to put it all together. If it’s not quite there as of now, that’s OK.

It’s normal not to feel ready yet. This weekend, because you need to know where you stand and you need to practice taking full tests, you should take at least one LSAT practice test. No, you don’t get to watch the Pro Bowl. But let’s be honest: Would you even be tempted to watch the Pro Bowl if you didn’t have LSAT studying to procrastinate?

Review those LSAT practice tests verrrry carefully. You can improve on the score, but you need to figure out where that improvement needs to come from. Go back and review any weak areas your practice LSATs highlighted; you want to go into the real thing with the absolute confidence that you know the basic approach for anything the LSAT might throw at you.

You’ll also have to work on your timing. You should be doing lots of timed practice now: timed LSAT sections, timed drills, etc. Review your work and try to cut out wasted time. One of the best ways to help your timing is to make the easy LSAT questions easy for you. If you know what’s coming on the easy LSAT questions, and you’re confident in how to approach them, that’ll leave you a lot more time for the hard stuff.

Working on your LSAT timing is going to be a gradual process. Two weeks isn’t a lot of time, but if you’re studying consistently it’s more time than you think.

Or, on the other hand, you might feel ready. Maybe you’re retaking the LSAT, or maybe you’re a first-timer but already exceeding your goals on LSAT practice tests. You wish you were taking the real LSAT tomorrow, not just a practice test.

Your task is to stay ready without burning out. You should take a few full practice LSATs over the next couple weeks, but not too many. Give yourself some leisure time and try to have some fun to lift away the stress of the LSAT. Review those practice LSATs to figure out where you might be able to grab a few extra points, but don’t stress about it. If you’re where you want to be, you’ve done the heavy lifting already. In the next two weeks, your job is to keep that performance up and build your confidence.

No matter where you are with the LSAT, good luck. In not much more that two weeks, this will all be over.


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