Tips on Dating and General Interacting During LSAT Prep

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    We spend so much time focused on LSAT prep that we sometimes forget the people in our lives who suffer along with us. Not our classmates and study partners, but friends, family, and potential lovers.

    That’s why reading this post on Yahoo! Answers is as enlightening as it is tragic. This young Romeo just wants to find his LSAT Juliet, but her study habits are keeping them apart. Hopefully hemlock isn’t involved.

    So today, this post is for those of you out there who are dealing with someone prepping for the LSAT. It’s still going to be addressed to test takers, since if you’re not prepping for the exam, you probably aren’t reading this LSAT blog (and I don’t know why I’m still talking to you).

    Here’s some advice on treating your loved ones well in the throes of LSAT studies. This is going to focus mostly on friends and romantic partners – your family has to love you.

    LSAT Prep Dating and General Interacting Tip I: No one cares that they just committed a fallacy

    Learning the LSAT can sometimes seem like learning weird logical constructs solely to score points on a test. Flaws, on the other hand, feel like they have an impact on the real world; you can now point out the errors in someone else’s reasoning!

    And you will, to everyone’s dismay.

    Seriously, if you’re debating the relative merits of Team Adam over Team Blake on The Voice, you don’t need to point out Blake’s temporal fallacy (“I won 3 times in a row, so I’ll win again!” said in that disarming, Southern drawl). It won’t win you any points, but it might mean you aren’t invited to view the next Battle Round with your regular watching party.

    LSAT Prep Dating and General Interacting Tip II: You are freaking out, man!

    At some point, you’re going to boil over. Tears, alcohol, and a multi-state high-speed chase are all possible manifestations of this freak out.

    Warn those close to you that at some point this will happen. Be extra nice to them before, because you’re going to be nasty to them when it happens. “You don’t understand what I’m going through!”s will be hurled to anyone who will listen, and someone will have to put up with the abuse before you collapse in a snotty and tear-filled mess on whatever surface is available. It’ll be a lot easier for someone to console you if you brought them donuts two days ago.

    LSAT Prep Dating and General Interacting Tip III: Make time for them

    Studying for the LSAT is important, and putting the time in is necessary to do well on the exam.

    But taking time off is also necessary.

    If you study during every free moment, you’re not going to learn as well as someone who studies for an appropriate amount of time and then puts the books down. That person will have less stress, which improves learning. Social interaction improves learning. Rest allows you to study more when you do sit down with your books. And certain activities that require a partner release endorphins, which enhance learning. Just don’t shout out what’s sufficient and necessary during said activities.

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