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Through the Interwebs with Sophia: The Dog Days of the LSAT

I don’t know about you, but the summer heat is really starting to get to me. Here in Chicago, the weather has been hot and humid every single day. Every time you step out the door, you break a sweat immediately. If you don’t have luxurious central air, you seek refuge in any building with it. I live near my college campus, and my apartment building is almost a hundred years old with no air duct system to speak of. I’d rather sprawl out than stick my nose in a book for hours in that heat. Without decent AC, this setting is not a good place to prep. The itty-bitty window unit is like a bad joke.

It’s amazing what just 10 degrees of heat can do to your thought process. You try learning quantifiers for logical reasoning in chapter 3 in temperatures reaching 90+ degrees and humidity levels such that you could drink the air. It’s not ideal, and because of the miserable conditions I haven’t been able to completely finish up chapter 3’s homework yet.

I guess that’s no excuse though. I should be finished up with book 1 by now, so this week is going to be an intense catch-up spree. Surprisingly, I’m not that stressed about falling behind my schedule. I have a track record for procrastination with a lot of different academic things, but I always manage to catch myself before I fall too deep into the hole. The added pressure helps me to take things seriously and finish strong when it counts.

To manage all this, I’m going to have to cancel any and all extensive fun-filled excursions I planned for the week. No shopping on Michigan Avenue. No daylong trips to the beach. I have to get down to business. The LSAT is only 2½ months away!

The TV has got to go. I spent an hour of my life sucked into watching an episode of Bridezillas the other night. Watching soon-to-be-newlyweds viciously nag each other is one of my guilty pleasures. However, that’s a whole hour I could have spent reviewing those Rare Implication questions or taking another stab at reading comprehension tagging. To cut myself off cold turkey, I threw the remote up on top of my kitchen cabinets. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The only moving pictures that I should be watching are those featuring Trent and Matt.

Just a couple more months, and I’ll be in the clear. Summer is my favorite season, so I should have expected that I’d have a hard time focusing on future pursuits when the present can be so awesome. Maybe this exhausting heat is a sign to let the summer plans go for a while and start focusing on what needs to get done. That’s the one drawback to prepping through the web. You have to really be your own boss. Trent isn’t going to just pop up on the computer screen whenever he feels like you should be working. It’s up to you.