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This Dog Is Studying for the LSAT. Are You?


Some of our classes met for this first time over the weekend – but fear not, because if you’d like to join these classes, there’s still time. You’ll need to catch up on the first practice test on your own (no biggie). More importantly, you’ll need to enroll ASAP so you can get cracking.

Classes that started this weekend include:

Irvine – July 11
Manhattan 1 – July 12
Manhattan 2 – July 12
Miami – July 12
Berkeley – July 12
Los Angeles – Westwood – July 12
Washington, DC – July 12
Los Angeles – Downtown – July 12
Pasadena – July 13

We’ve also got a bumper crop of classes starting within the next week, including:

UCLA 3 – July 18
Northridge 1 – July 19
San Diego 1 – July 19
Irvine (day) – July 20
Manhattan (day) – July 20
Los Angeles – Westwood (day) 1 – July 20
Los Angeles – Westwood (day) 2 – July 21

As always, you can also find a complete list of classes on our website. Happy studying!

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