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The Test Center Dry Run Through


The Test Center Dry Run Through
Quick reminder: the LSAT is a week from Saturday. If you’re signed up for it, this should come as no surprise, but it might be accompanied by an involuntary flinch and perhaps a frightened yelp. That’s normal.

Something you should all do before the LSAT is to do a dry run. Drive/walk/Segway yourself to the testing center at the same time and in the same way that you’ll be going next Saturday. You don’t want to just rely on Google maps. You might end up in Poughkeepsie, and that shouldn’t happen to anyone.

During this process, find the room to which you’ll be reporting. If it’s a college of some sort, get a general idea of the campus layout in case rooms change, as they tend to do.

On your way to the center, check out what the traffic is like, and find alternate routes in case a tanker blows up on the freeway or the L train gets de-railed. The LSAT is like disarming IEDs or assembling IUDs; you can never be too careful.

If you’re driving, be on the lookout for multiple parking opportunities. Seriously. Next Saturday there will be a lot fewer spots. If you’re in Manhattan, smile smugly because you probably don’t have to worry about parking. Then stop as you realize the weather still sucks.

Finally, find a bar near your testing center because you’re going to want to pound 17 PBRs the moment you finish.