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The LSAT Hits the Red Carpet at the Oscars

The Academy Awards were last night. Some of you no doubt watched everything from the red carpet through the award for best picture. Others may have preferred the NBA All-Star game, leaving them to scour blogs to figure out what happened.

There’s no red carpet on LSAT test day (unless you provide it yourself — and if you intend to try this in June, please send us the resulting video), but that won’t stop us from imagining what kind of LSAT test takers that can be associated with the celebrities who turned the most heads (for better or worse).

Sacha Baron Cohen, who appeared in character as Admiral Aladeen to promote an upcoming movie, would fail to receive an LSAT score. He showed up sporting a complete military uniform, hat, and sunglasses and carrying an urn full of Kim Jong Il’s ashes. I checked; LSAC doesn’t specifically prohibit urns from the LSAT. The hat, on the other hand, would certainly keep him out of the test center. The escorts would have to go, too.

Rumors are circulating that Jennifer Lopez suffered a wardrobe malfunction while presenting an award. Just like the weather when you’re waiting to get into the LSAT test center for the February LSAT in Anchorage, Alaska, it may have been a little nippy on stage. I’ve selflessly spent some time researching this rumor on YouTube, and I’ll posit that the evidence is inconclusive. But on LSAT day this would make J-Lo the unprepared test taker. She’d show up with no Ziploc bag, maybe one pencil, no pencil sharpener, and no snack. Plus, she’d bring no jacket and would be freezing the entire time. She’d raise her hand to ask the proctor which section of the LSAT is experimental. Let’s just say the content of the test wouldn’t go too well either.

Penelope Cruz made the LA Times’ best dressed list, and since she was wearing blue let’s call her the Blueprint student when the LSAT rolls around. Cool, confident and collected, she would have practiced thoroughly, known exactly what to expect, and would have been ready to rock the LSAT before getting out of the limo.

The moral of the story? Don’t risk a wardrobe malfunction. Make sure that on test day, you walk into the test center prepared for whatever twists and turns the LSAT may throw at you. And it’s even better if you can look good doing it.