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The June 2010 LSAT: Get Ready for the Waiting Game

BPPcolin-lsat-blog-waitingThe cancellation deadline for the June test has officially come and gone. If you took the test and didn’t pull out yet, then you’ve got a score coming your way fairly soon. It’s actually scheduled to be emailed to you two weeks from today, on Monday the 28th, but if history is any judge, it might end up coming out a week from Friday. The fact that you have to wait up to three weeks for your score seems cruel, especially considering that it’s graded on a damn scantron. I know. The time between now and then can seem like an eternity, but you can no longer fret about whether or not you should cancel. The stones have been cast and there is nothing you can do anymore.

What you should spend the next couple weeks doing is getting back to normal life. No more nights full of logic games, no more social outings forfeited for the sake of reading about volcanic processes. Assuming that your score is satisfactory, you’re pretty much done with the LSAT forever. This, believe me, is a good thing.

What you probably will do is continue to obsess over the test. You’ll talk to people who took the test about questions that you can barely remember anymore, and lather each other up into a foamy mess of anxiety. You’ll talk to people who didn’t take the test, and you will bore and annoy them.

And then your score comes. What you should do is just wait until Tuesday to check your email so you know it’ll be there, and calmly assess the results. If you did well, feel good about yourself and begin thinking about putting together the other pieces of your application. If you did poorly, assess if you want to take it again, and how you would go about doing it.

What you probably will do, though, is start checking your email every hour or so starting on Wednesday. This will continue until Friday, when you will start checking much more frequently and frantically. Even though Gmail automatically updates with new emails, you will nonetheless refresh the page once every few minutes. If nothing comes on Friday (and it very well may not), you will become overcome with feelings of frustration and impatience. Even though it’s very unlikely that you would get an email over the weekend, whenever your inbox gets another message your heart will skip a beat. This is even more fun if you have your email synced to your phone, as you can get audible alerts and enjoy 15 mini panic attacks per day. It’ll be great.

Then on Monday, if they haven’t already, the scores will finally come. But they don’t come all at once, of course. Rather, they start getting sent out in the morning and don’t all get sent out until pretty well into the night. I didn’t get mine until around 8 pm. As people you know get theirs, you’ll wonder why you haven’t gotten yours. Are they releasing them alphabetically? By time zone? Are they releasing them highest scores first? If it takes longer to get an email, does that mean that your score is lower? Why the hell can’t LSAC have an email system that allows them to send them all out simultaneously? What are they, in the stone age?

And then, finally, you’ll get an email. The subject line is simply “Your June 2010 LSAT Score.” You know you should wait, but you’ll click on it immediately. It will look like this:

Dear John Doe,

LSAC account number: L 12345678

Your June 2010 LSAT score is 1XX. The percentile rank is XX.

This is your unofficial score report.

If you did well, you’ll immediately start drinking a lot. If you did poorly, you’ll immediately start drinking a lot. Have fun.

Just two more weeks…