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The Countdown Begins: 8 Weeks Until the October LSAT

So the two-month countdown timer has started ticking. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in, deal with the freakout, maybe do a shot or two, and then come back to the computer.


Maybe another shot is in order.

For some of you, the studying is well under way. For others, the process has just begun. No matter what the case, it’s important to have a plan for the last two months to get the most out of the time left. Because every point on the LSAT translates to a better school and/or more scholarship money. And isn’t that what law school is all about? Cold, hard, smelly cash.

Week 1
Continue to work on learning the methods. While the two-month countdown seems scary, you still have plenty of time to prepare. If you’re only on Book One at this point, that’s fine. Just keep heading to class/watching the videos and keep pace.

Week 2
You should be done with at least the first book by now, so keep pace with the class, but also find time to review older concepts. If you haven’t finished homework, use it as a review. But don’t fall behind on the new stuff (because, you know, you don’t already have enough on your plate…)

Week 3
Continue to keep up with the new material. Also, start to go over your first practice test and some old homework to review the questions you got wrong. Feel triumphant when you can easily blow through them now.

Week 4
By now, hopefully a lot of the disparate ideas should be starting to coalesce. Hopefully, that read like a reading comp passage and you were able to cut through the BS language. In any case, you should be seeing the Matrix underneath the words. Instead of dinosaurs and Thurgood Marshall, you should be seeing logical force and conditional statements as a matter of course instead of having to think about it. Enjoy your new ninja-hood.

Week 5
Gear up for a practice test, focusing on the question types that you’ve been having problems with. Don’t worry about the material you haven’t covered yet; focus on accuracy on the questions you have covered.

Week 6
Frank assessment time. Look at your most recent practice test and really get into what you’re having problems with. Diagramming? Flaw questions? Whatever it is, identify it now so that you can work on it over the next three weeks. This will be much more helpful than doing hundreds of homework problems in areas that you’re already solid on (Main Point questions, anyone?).

Week 7
Timing and practice tests should be your focus. You need to start getting ready for game day, so sit through a few exams in real world conditions. Also, identify any nagging trouble spots and look over the lessons for them.

Week 8
It’s serious gut check time. Are you ready for the exam? If you’re feeling pretty confident, take this time to solidify the concepts, polish your timing, and build up some confidence with a few solid scores on PTs. Then, relax for the day before it.

If you’re not, it’s time to think about postponing. While applying with a December score is less than ideal, so is applying with a poor score.