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The Best LSAT Memes


We all hate a reductive generational stereotype … but if there’s one thing that’s true of Millennials and Gen Zers or Zoomers or whatever we’re calling them now, it’s that they love a good meme. Taking an image from SpongeBob SquarePants or The Office or anime and relating it to some shared experience — it’s every person under thirty-five’s favorite instant yuk generator.

And, this has been just a banner few years for memes. Who could forget the oblivious but inquisitive gentleman and the butterfly? The focus group guy? Or the heated argument between an emotionally distraught lady and a sneering cat? These memes proved remarkably adept at capturing the emotional journey of people studying for the LSAT. Those studying for the LSAT go through a few peaks and many lows, so it’s no surprise that we see so many test takers use memes as a way to take a break from the LSAT, share their ups and downs of preparing for this test, and connect with fellow test takers experiencing similar travails. So we decided to scour the internet and high and low to bring you the best LSAT memes and pre-law memes y’all made this year and some that resident meme godz at Blueprint created.

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You probably notice a common theme with these LSAT memes — almost all are about how intractably difficult the LSAT is. But you know, making memes and taking the test aren’t all that different. Memes are nothing more than analogies — you’re analogizing your experience to some pop culture ephemera. Analogies are among the most common devices used on the LSAT, both on Logic Reasoning and Reading Comp. Plus, making a meme involves taking a template, and following the rules established by that template. You have the template of a lady yelling at a cat. The first rule is that you have to put some complaint many people have under the screaming, distraught woman. The second rule is that you have put a sassy rejoinder underneath the hissing cat. You have an intuitive understanding of how to do this. Even if the LSAT seems counterintuitive, using a template and following rules sounds a lot like a logic game to this LSAT instructor. So know that if you can make a meme happen, maybe you can still make your law school dream happen.

(OK, OK, sorry. Just trying to be a little positive here.)

Anyway, you’ll be happy to learn that meme-ing won’t stop once you take the LSAT. You’ll be sharing the same emotional tribulations with your fellow 1Ls in law school next year. Memes will once again provide an apt format to express yourself for your fellow law students. As a bonus, here are some of the best law school memes of 2019.

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For those who wish to serve the public interest
BPPross-lsat-blog-big law lawyer_opt

Everyone wants to attend a so-called “T-14 school,” but securing that 14th spot in the rankings can be a bloodbath …
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Cold-calling can be an intimidating experience …
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…but the real heads know life is much easier with that Quimbee outline ..

Just don’t be that gunner in class …


This bit of jargon will probably make a bit more sense after taking Evidence …

But maybe it’ll all be worth it in the end?
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This post was updated on January 3, 2022.