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Studying with Victoria: Counting down to the October LSAT


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m trying to avoid looking at anything that has the date on it. Sometimes this is problematic, like when I’m trying to write the date on my notes and I can’t remember what it is. October 9th is coming up a little too fast for my tortoise-like preferences and I’m caught between wanting it to be test day already so I can just get the darn thing out of the way (like ripping off a band-aid) and trying to come up with scenarios in which I steal the TARDIS and/or Hermione Granger’s time-turner. Apparently the only time machines I can think of are British. If my life were an internet meme, it would look like an adorable puppy with sad eyes and a caption written in Impact font reading “PLZ CAN I HAS MOAR STUDY TIME?!!1!”

Sadly, I am not an adorable puppy and I won’t be getting a time machine anytime soon, so I’m going to have to suck it up and make do with the time I have. Making do with the time I have involves a lot of planning, strategizing, and carrying around Blueprint books with me so I can whip them out and make an attack of opportunity against the LSAT (-5 Charisma, +2 Attack against aspiring law students).

There were a few “dur” moments going over the last practice test. I get the feeling I need to extend the tortoise analogy to taking tests. I need to become an island of calm in a stormy sea of stress. I have yet to experience that sort of transcendental moment on an actual practice test, but practice makes perfect, right?

This last practice test had some doozies of logic problems. The LSAT really brought its A-game, giving me logic games with little in the way of deductions and by being pretty evil in the logical reasoning section by making an equivocation that rested on shifting terms across “i.e.” Well played LSAT, but it’s at times like this when I remember why I love Latin. For the record/if you’re interested, i.e is not the same as e.g. I.e. stands for id est or “that is.” You use it when you’re explaining something or making something more specific e.g. Victoria is a total fangirl (i.e. a girl who takes part in nerd subculture and goes “squee” when particularly happy. Natural habitats include the internet and conventions.) The more you know.

So, it’s closing in on two weeks until test day (I looked at the calendar) and I’m pretty grateful for the time I have left. Wow, I’m always so psyched to keep studying and doing practice problems after I write these posts! If I weren’t typing, I’d be striking some heroic pose or something, foot on a vanquished practice test, number two pencil held high and glinting in the light of my desk lamp. Yeah, this totally isn’t the can of Monster I just drank talking…