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Good Luck on the October LSAT Tomorrow!

It’s showtime, folks.

We here at Blueprint LSAT just wanted to wish everyone taking the October LSAT-Flex this weekend (and early next week) the best of luck. You’ve done the hard work and we know you’re going crush it. YOU know you’ll crush it. EVERYONE knows you’ll crush it.

Just some last-minute reminders and tips for the LSAT:

  • – Make sure your computer, webcam, and ProctorU login work.
  • – Make sure your roommates and/or family know not to interrupt you while you’re taking the exam.
  • – Keep your desk area and the room you’re testing in as clear of clutter as you can.
  • – Put your phone on silent and out of sight when you begin the exam.
  • – Use the restroom beforehand. Just…trust us.
  • – Don’t forget to complete your LSAT Writing!

Get a good night’s rest, and approach October LSAT test day like you would any ol’ LSAT practice test. Make us proud, future lawyers!

Oh, and make sure you come back next week for our October LSAT-Flex recap! We can’t wait to hear how it went — even though, again, we know you’ll crush it.
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