October LSAT Make-Up Days: Find out if you’re affected and what do next.

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • Last weekend, thousands of students were registered to take the October 2021 LSAT. For most of them, test day came and went with only minor mishaps and the usual curveball. However, some test takers dealt with a technical outage that caused massive disruptions and forced some test takers to reschedule their LSAT date. Here’s what we know:

    Technical Outage During the October LSAT

    Test takers reported their exam sessions crashing mid-test, with some only having a few questions left! Some students also reported that LawHub was affected during that time as well, though we didn’t see many of those conerns. 

    LSAC eventually addressed the issue on Twitter in a series of tweets but did not give information on what the issue was or when it would be resolved, leaving test takers scrambling to figure out what to do and trying to get more information. 

    About three hours after acknowledging the outage, LSAC announced it was resolved, allowing registrants who were scheduled to take the October LSAT that afternoon and through Monday the ability to complete their test. 

    Over on /LSAT, some lucky Redditors said they were able to reschedule directly with ProctorU via their Live Chat for the next day.

    But that still left many more test takers wondering if they were going to reschedule their October LSAT, when the LSAT make-up day was, and if they had start the October LSAT from the beginning or pick up where they left off. 

    October LSAT 2021 Make-Up Day

    If you were affected by the technical outage during the October LSAT, LSAC has announced two make-up days: Thursday, October 14, or Sunday, October 17, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. ET. Eligible students can start choosing their time slots on October 11. Scores will still be released on October 27.

    Unfortunately, even if you were almost done with your exam, you will need to restart from the beginning. This also isn’t much help if you simply aren’t available on the make-up days. Certain Redditors have said they were also given an option to take the November LSAT instead, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed by LSAC. 

    Was your October LSAT interrupted? Here are your next steps. 

    1. If your test was interrupted and you need/want to take the test in October, make sure you sign up for a time slot on one of the October make-up days. You will still get your score on time.
    2. If you want to shoot your shot and see if you can reschedule for November or can’t attend the make-up dates, contact LSAC directly and see what your options are. 
    3. If you’re making up the test in October, you’ll want to keep LSAT material fresh in your brain. Treat this week the way you did the week before your original LSAT date. Take a practice LSAT test and review it to the core until you feel confident in your understanding of the material. As always, try not to do too much LSAT prep the day before the LSAT. For some light prepping, try a round of LSAT flashcards.

    Don’t worry about any sort of atrophy in your LSAT knowledge. With just a few days in between your last day of prep and your new LSAT date, there shouldn’t be any significant loss of mastery.