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Stop Panicking: Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind for the June LSAT

Stop Panicking: Top 5 Thing to Remember for the June LSAT

We are now two months away from the June LSAT, and like so many milestones on the road to taking the LSAT, the time has been marked by blind, terrified panic from Blueprint students. In the interest of saving time and energy, we’ve decided to put together our top five things to keep in mind while in the early stages of studying for the June LSAT.

1. Don’t be a slacker. Unlike in college, when your parents paid your tuition and thus it wasn’t your money that you were wasting when you drank yourself into a nightly stupor, with your LSAT course you…your parents probably paid for this too, didn’t they? Well, the advice remains the same. If you start slacking off at the beginning of the class, you’re going to be up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle. Proverbially.

2. Don’t panic (and remember a towel). You’re two months away, which should put you a solid month and a half away from real, pants-crapping terror. By all means, go absolutely hog-wild crazy when you realize you’re two weeks away and have only finished 1/4th of your preparation. But with two months to go, you still have tons of time to take care of everything you need to take care of. And if you can’t take care of all of it, just set off a hydrogen bomb near a pocket of electromagnetism. That’ll figure everything out for you.

3. Actually study reading comprehension. Look, we know. It’s awful. Reading about a bunch of science crap that was likely written by thousands of monkeys banging away on typewriters is no one’s idea of fun. But here’s the thing: just like any other section, you can prepare and improve on reading comprehension. No, it doesn’t come as easily as logic games, and it’s certainly not as fun, but I’m half convinced LSAC puts games on the test just to distract you from improving in other sections. Don’t be a sucker.

4. Immediately stop all frivolous activities. In the words of Mickey from Rocky, “Women weaken legs.” I’m sure the same applies for men, or whatever. Regardless, avoid distractions during the testing cycle. A beer now and then probably can’t hurt, but LSAT studying is no time to end up with mind-bending hangovers.

5. Maintain personal hygiene. This is also huge. It’s important to maintain some self-respect during the process of studying for the LSAT. There’s nothing worse than sitting in LSAT class trying to figure out whether your last shower was two days ago or three, or trying to figure out if that food in your teeth was yesterday’s meal or the day before’s. Keep your dignity. It’s just a test.

So keep all of that in mind. And, hey, one more to grow on:

Don’t. Get. Eliminated.