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    So, you’re thinking about applying to law school. Maybe this has been a lifelong goal for you, once a relative told you that your bratty, argumentative demeanor would serve you well as an attorney. Maybe you’ve been inspired by civil rights and public interest attorneys past and present and want to fight on behalf of the underrepresented. Maybe you’ve seen starting salaries at so-called Big Law firms and literal bags of money materialized on your corneas. Maybe you’ve seen the arrests of Philly fans celebrating their win last night, and see a market opportunity.

    No matter how you found yourself on this path to a legal career, now you gotta figure out how to take the first steps. Maybe you’ve heard about the LSAT, but are confused about what it tests, how to study for out, and when to start. Maybe you’ve tried to research how to apply to law schools, but you then you were inundated with acronyms like LSAC and CAS and CRS and got confused and gave up. Maybe you tried to inquire at the career services department at your university, but then the prospect of, like, having to leave your home proved too daunting.

    If this describes you, you’re in luck. Because tomorrow, February 6th, we’re hosting two webinars — those are informative seminars transmitted straight to your computer or smart phone, btw — to help you take your first steps in your journey to law school and a legal career.

    The first webinar will be at 12 pm PST, and will focus on law school admissions. In this hour-and-a-half webinar, Blueprint instructor Branden Frankel, who took a 175 LSAT score straight to UCLA Law, will take you step-by-step through the law school application process. Branden will discuss when to start the process, how to go about asking for letters of recommendation, what should go into a personal statement, how admissions officers weigh your LSAT score against your GPA, and much more.

    The second webinar will be at 6 pm PST and will cover the LSAT, that test you have to take before you can go to law school. Over an hour and a half with Blueprint instructor Ross Rinehart, you’ll learn all about what the LSAT is, how it’s scored, when to start studying and you’ll even get to practice a few real LSAT problems.

    Not only will these free webinars get you started down your path to law school, but you’ll be given a little help for travels too. Like the magnanimous parent who slips you some extra cash before a trip, we’ll be giving all attendees of either webinar a $300 discount on Blueprint’s classroom course or a $75 discount the first month of the online course subscription.

    All you have to do is RSVP to reserve your space and receive an invitation to the webinar. Make sure to do so, because space is limited and, again, each attendee will receive a discounts good for $300 off a Blueprint LSAT classroom course or $75 off the first month of the online course subscription. So start your journey off right with one (or both!) of these webinars.

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