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Spring (LSAT Prep) Is Here!

The coming weekend is a big one in the busy world of Blueprint, as the majority of our Spring LSAT courses begin between today and Tuesday. The June LSAT is just two months away, and if you’re not learning Blueprint methods, you’re not maximizing your full potential. Let one of our excellent instructors be the Miyagi to your Daniel-San.

In addition to 88 hours of classroom instruction, Spring students get access to our complete online curriculum, every LSAT question ever publicly released, and even our soon-to-be-released iPad and iPhone app. There’s never been a better time to study with Blueprint.

Below is a list of every June LSAT course starting in the next few days. Be sure to use the discount code SPRING100 to save $100 on your registration.

See you in class!

(Start Date in Parentheses)