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Spring Enrollments for Blueprint’s Live LSAT Course Now Open

Merry Spring-Enrollments-Are-Now-Open Day!

Although this time of year is always special, it’s an extra meaningful occasion this time around because starting in 2012, Blueprint LSAT Preparation is opening the doors to its live course in six new cities. As previously reported, we’re expanding to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Seattle. Look at us go.

For several weeks, we’ve been hearing from students in those cities and elsewhere who have been itching to sign up so that they’ll be ready for the June 2012 LSAT. Starting today, you can scratch that itch. If you decide to sign up for a spring class today, though, be sure and do so by calling us before 6:30 p.m. PST. That’s when the new price for our course ($1,299) kicks in. The number is 888-4-BP-PREP if you have a phone in your hand right now (you know you do).

This is also an exciting time because we’ve made a few constructive changes to the classroom course. For starters, our 112 hours of instruction will feature 16 lessons, three workshops, three clinics and six (six!) proctored LSAT practice exams.

There’s also an important change to the Blueprint curriculum: Every LSAT homework question in every lesson book will now come with an explanation — either in writing, audio or video format. That translates into a lighter workload for you busy bees, but for students who need more LSAT nectar, we’re including additional questions in your MyBlueprint account. Everybody wins. Of course, we will still offer every available LSAT question in existence (6,500+) to every LSAT student (probably not 6,500+, but we’re getting there).

And because we have the best LSAT instructors out there, we’ve rewarded them with a pay raise. Starting this spring, first-time instructors will receive $60 per hour, second-time instructors will receive $75 per hour, and instructors who teach three or more courses will receive $100 per hour. Those are some of the highest rates in the biz for the best LSAT minds in the biz.

Before you give us a call to sign up, chime in in the comments with any questions you may have. And may you and your family have a blessed Spring-Enrollments-Are-Now-Open Day.