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Logical Reasonings

A) The latest party to request LSAC change its accommodated testing policies: The American Bar Association’s Committee. Texas Lawyer.

B) Your attention please: It appears that some law students (stay with me!) are lying about having ADHD (hey, over here!) in order to gain access to Adderall (you made it to the end!). Above the Law.

C) Here are 10 buzzwords you need to remove from your LinkedIn profile and rèsumè for law school. “Winning!” isn’t on the list, but go ahead and take it off, as well. Time.

D) Whether you’re looking for a career in law or shooting for upper management in a fast food joint, here’s how to accomplish more by doing less every day. Harvard Business Review.

E) Don’t be intimidated if someone tells you they’re taking a Taekwondo class — especially if that someone is five years old. YouTube.