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Spring 2014 Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Set to Tip Off

So your bracket’s busted. You’re not going to win Warren Buffet’s billion dollars. It’s OK. There are plenty of other ways to earn that much dough.

Some are even legal.

For example, as an attorney you could work 100,000 court cases in one year at $10,000 a pop. You might have to pull in some long hours, but think of all the yachts you’ll buy but never have time to use!

Alas, before you become a lawyer, you’ll need to go to law school, and before you go to law school, you gotsta take the LSAT. That’s where we come in.

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s spring classroom courses to prepare for the June LSAT are about to tip off. In fact, one of our Berkeley LSAT prep courses and one of our UCLA LSAT prep courses have already tipped. But no worries. You can still sign up for one of these other upcoming spring LSAT prep courses, listed here with the instructor and start date:

Spring 2014 UCLA 2 LSAT prep course — Spencer Robins — March 22

Spring 2014 New York 1 LSAT prep course — Christian Benante — March 30

Spring 2014 Atlanta LSAT prep course — Jennifer Chae — March 30

Spring 2014 Austin LSAT prep course — Jessica Jackelen — March 30

Spring 2014 Phoenix LSAT prep course — Dylan Gadek — April 5

Spring 2014 Irvine LSAT prep course — Jay Donnell — April 5

Spring 2014 San Jose LSAT prep course — Philip Mayer — April 6

Spring 2014 Davis LSAT prep course — Daniel Austin — April 6

Spring 2014 Long Island LSAT prep course — Gregory Muren — April 6

Spring 2014 Chicago LSAT prep course — Patrick Moore — April 6

Spring 2014 New York 2 LSAT prep course — Reilly Steel — April 6

Spring 2014 Houston LSAT prep course — Sam Huang — April 6

Spring 2014 Miami LSAT prep course — Matt Williamson — April 6

Spring 2014 Washington DC LSAT prep course — John Kimble — April 6

Spring 2014 Brooklyn LSAT prep course — John Dantzler-Wolfe — April 6

Spring 2014 Philadelphia LSAT prep course — Steve Homola — April 6

Spring 2014 Long Beach LSAT prep course — Emily Nickles — April 6

Spring 2014 Pasadena LSAT prep course — Ross Rinehart — April 6

Spring 2014 New Haven LSAT prep course — Michael Alcan — April 6

Spring 2014 Berkeley 2 LSAT prep course — Aaron Cohn — April 6

Spring 2014 Seattle LSAT prep course — Chris van Elk — April 6

Spring 2014 Dallas LSAT prep course — Mark Kao — April 6

Spring 2014 Riverside LSAT prep course — Thomas Molloy — April 6

Spring 2014 Fullerton LSAT prep course — Jay Donnell — April 6

Spring 2014 San Diego LSAT prep course — Nick McIntosh — April 6

Spring 2014 Northridge LSAT prep course — Branden Frankel — April 6

Spring 2014 Tucson LSAT prep course — Dylan Gadek — April 6

Spring 2014 San Francisco LSAT prep course — Phil Belleau — April 6

Spring 2014 Boston LSAT prep course — Laura Santoski — April 6

Spring 2014 UCLA 3 LSAT prep course — Gerry Hirschfeld — April 6

Spring 2014 USC LSAT prep course — Albert Huber — April 9

Wow, that’s a lot of blue — the same color of devil who just choked to Mercer. (Though if you ask me, it’s worth a billion dollars to see Duke get upset.)

To learn more about our spring LSAT prep course instructors, check out their awesome bios and LSAT scores. If you just want to learn more about the Blueprint LSAT Prep course, here’s all you need to know. Here’s Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course, if that’s more in your range.

If you have any questions about any of Blueprint’s spring 2014 LSAT prep courses, let ’em rip in the comments, email us at, or call 888-4-BP-PREP.

And to the one person who picked Dayton and Mercer: can I borrow a couple million bucks?