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Should You Take the February 2011 LSAT?

Should You Take the February 2011 LSAT?
We’re now in the doldrums of LSAT season. The December LSAT is over, as is its cancellation deadline. People looking to go to law school in 2011 have for the most part completed their LSAT journey. Those planning on 2012 admission generally haven’t even started thinking about the LSAT in any major way. And so, in the middle ground between light and shadows, between science and superstition, lies the February LSAT.

People taking the February LSAT are often split between when they’ll be applying. You can actually apply for 2011 admission with a February score, but not all schools will take it. Those that do often admit that it will put you at a disadvantage. But if you make sure to get the highest score possible, it can help to override such considerations. Also, if you’ve already applied, you can take the February LSAT in the hopes of getting a higher score. If you get one, that can sway schools that haven’t yet made a decision, or those who have put you on a waitlist. So if you think you’ve got time for more studying, and think you can net yourself a higher score, you might want to consider taking the winter LSAT even if you’ve already applied.

The other major group of February LSAT takers are the overachievers going for 2012. If you’re willing to spend your winter break studying for the LSAT, this can be a fantastic idea. You’ll be able to apply early with tons of time to get the rest of your application together. And if you have to cancel for any reason, you can retake in June and still be applying super early.

If you are planning on taking the February LSAT, you need to be studying now. It’s less than two months away. No two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s. This is sort of the crappiest part about taking the February LSAT.