Ring in the New Year on LSAT Score Release Alert

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    The December 2011 LSAT scores are out! Okay, maybe not yet, but they certainly could be out very soon, possibly even today. The LSAC hates to be predictable, so rather than release scores on the day they are scheduled, the LSAT always releases them early, in the past, anywhere from 3 to 18 days early. And what better timing than on New Year’s Eve Eve, allowing students to celebrate the New Year with a new score. Of course whether students receive their scores or not, and what those 3 digit numbers turn out to be, will determine how many spend their weekend, albeit a debacherous daze of revelry or a solemn stupor of sobriety.

    Here are a few possible scenarios and suggestions for dealing with them:

    If LSAT scores are released and you aced it, then it’s time to celebrate! Find yourself a bottle of champagne, and another of Hennessey. 2011 will be remembered by all as the year you vanquished the LSAT, so New Year’s is your night. Be a baller for a day; get the XO, get the Dom, you deserve it.

    If LSAT scores are released and you’re displeased with the result, then it’s time to celebrate! Wash away your woes with Long Islands and Jaegar Bombs. Use the subsequent caffeine-induced insomnia to form a resolution to return and retake in 2012; I’d suggest June.

    If the LSAC instead toys with your emotions and scores are not released, then it’s time to celebrate! Drink your uncertainty under the table; as they say, ignorance is bliss, and bliss tastes a lot like Sex on the Beach.

    Regardless of whether LSAT scores are released or not, it’s still New Year’s Eve weekend and there’s merrymaking to be had. Don’t let the LSAC interfere with your plans; there’s no need to sit at home, eagerly hitting refresh on your email inbox. The LSAT is not going anywhere, so take New Year’s off from worrying. Find yourself someone to smooch at midnight (bonus points if you use your new LSAT score to do so), celebrate like a true American and blow something up with fireworks (or take the safer option of watching the professionals do so), watch a famous crystal ball drop in a crowded Square, or just eat good food, relax, and write up some resolutions for the year to come (mine’s to consider procrastinating less). Then ring in the New Year by watching Oregon ravage in the Rose Bowl.

    Happy New Year!

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