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Registration Deadline for the February LSAT Looms

If you’re planning on taking the February 2012 LSAT, you are no doubt well into your studying. If you aren’t, just skip this blog post and go register for the June LSAT. If you have been studying, you may have overlooked one tiny, little, itty, bitty detail: you have to register for the test in order to take the test! That’s right, the registration deadline for the February LSAT fast approaches. In fact, the deadline for LSAC to receive your registration is Tuesday, January 10. If you planned on taking the LSAT at a non-published test center, the deadline is today.

Get thee to a computer lickity split (I love using that expression) and register. Actually, I’m guessing you’re already at a computer since you’re reading this, so simply open another browser tab, go to, and git ‘er done. Done with that? Good. Let’s discuss your degree of LSAT preparedness.

Chances are you haven’t yet achieved the score you’re after. Not a big deal. At all. You have more than a month until the test date. That may not seem like a load of time, but it’s an eternity when it comes to LSAT prep. You’re not even done learning every technique yet. You shouldn’t expect every door to fly open if you haven’t yet obtained the necessary keys. Rather, if you’re steadily improving on the things you’ve learned thus far, keep at it. Study your butt off. You only want to do this once.

If you get a bit closer to LSAT test day and have lost all confidence, you still needn’t worry (too much). You can withdraw with a partial refund of your exam fee by January 20 and you can withdraw without a refund up to 24 hours before the exam. So don’t fret. Just keep on studying. Stay confident and re-evaluate in a couple weeks. Best of luck!