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Quench Your Thirst with an LSAT Logic Games Quiz

By now you’ve been introduced to most of the LSAT game types (including ordering games and grouping games), and you should be getting comfortable with the various rules. To test your skills, I’ve created two original games with some complex interactions. You’ll notice some of the questions don’t have answer choices – that’s to force you to anticipate and properly identify the deductions rather than plugging and chugging through the answer choices. Good luck.

You have eight bottles of alcohol in your cabinet: Absinthe, Bourbon, Cristal, Dewar’s, Ethanol, Gin, Hennessey, and Jaeger, and as a thrifty consumer you always pregame before going out to the bars. Having just finished a practice exam, you estimate five shots would be a nice start to the evening. But you’re not sure which to take. Thankfully, you have your LSAT skills to assist you in your selection, which must conform to the following restrictions:

No alcohol can be selected twice.
Absinthe can be selected only when Bourbon is selected.
If Cristal is selected, then either Dewar’s or Ethanol will be selected, but not both.
If Jaeger is not selected, then Bourbon cannot be either.
If Ethanol is not selected, then Hennessey must be.

1. Which shot(s) must be included in the exhibit?

2. Selecting which two shots will completely determine the exhibit?

3. If E is included, which one of the following could be true?
a. C is also included but neither H nor B are
b. C, H, and A are all included
c. C and D are included
d. C and A are included
e. Neither B nor H is included

4. If D is included, each of the following could be false EXCEPT?
a. C is included
b. If A is not included, then B is not included
c. If C is included, then B is too
d. If H is not included, then C is not included
e. H is included

Much later that evening, you and your five friends find yourselves being “escorted” downtown after a lively night out. The six of you – Alfred, Byron, Clyde, Dwayne, Eugene, and Franklin – will be thrown in six consecutive cells numbered 1 through 6. Each person will occupy one cell. Help the Man figure out where you and your buddies should go, knowing that the following restrictions apply:

Either Eugene or Franklin will be in cell 3
Alfred and Byron will be separated by exactly one cell, or Alfred and Clyde will be separated by exactly one cell, but not both
Dwayne will be in a lowered number cell than Franklin, but cannot be in the first cell

1. Once B is assigned to a cell, how many different cells can A be assigned to?

2. If F is in the cell immediately preceding C, what must be true?

3. In how many different cells can F be assigned?

4. If D’s cell is consecutive with As, what could be false?
a. F is 6th
b. E is 3rd
c. C is 2nd
d. A is 4th
e. D is 5th

(Answers: Game 1: #1. Jaeger!; #2. A&C; #3. D; #4. D. Game 2: #1. Three; #2. D is in cell 2; #3. Three; #4. C)