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Pre LSAT Zen Tips


The LSAT is tomorrow. Less than 24 hours separate you from the test center. That’s scary. You may have heard that you shouldn’t study today. That’s true; you really shouldn’t. But it’s not much better to spend today stressing about the LSAT, staring at your books and fighting off the urge to open them up. The goal today is to get in as good a state of mind as possible for the LSAT.

The best thing you can do today is to forget about the LSAT. Distract yourself. Get some exercise (nothing too strenuous). Watch a movie. Pick up your phone and fire up the ‘ol dating app. Play some video games. Go get a massage. Really, it’s up to you. If it’ll make you happy, won’t leave you exhausted for tomorrow morning, and won’t result in any character and fitness issues when you go up for admission to the state bar, go ahead and do it.

On the other hand, if the LSAT invades your thoughts and you just can’t let go, try to channel those worries into something positive. Go through everything you’re planning to bring to the LSAT tomorrow and check it over one last time so you’re ready to go. Figure out how you’re getting to the test center. Maybe even go check it out.

Visualize yourself sitting down and taking the test. You’re ignoring the nervous test takers around you. You see each question, you know what to do, and you do it. You take your time, but nonetheless move quickly. The sections fly by. You finish the writing sample and it occurs to you that maybe you should pass it on to literary agents. You walk out of the test center feeling great about what just happened. Visualizing all this won’t guarantee that you nail the LSAT, but it can’t hurt.

Finally, stay positive. The LSAT is important and stressful, but Saturday isn’t life or death. If things don’t go well, you can always take the LSAT again. Of course, you’d probably rather not, but just knowing that it’s an option can take some pressure off.