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October LSAT Check-In


To Register Or Not to Register

Wanna take the October LSAT? Then you need to register before the September 9 “late registration” deadline. If you’ve spent the last two months, or more, studying for the LSAT, go ahead and register. You’ll have until the night before the LSAT to back out without any black mark on your record.

If you’re planning on cramming for the LSAT, as in, you haven’t started your prep yet, forget about the October LSAT. You’ll be better off taking the December LSAT.

Significant score improvements often don’t show up until the last few weeks leading up to the LSAT, so don’t put too much stock into your current practice test scores. If you’ve given LSAT prep your best shot, register.

Test Center Stress

I hate introducing you to another source of stress, but if you’re already registered, you might wanna think hard about your LSAT test center. As a rule of thumb, taking an LSAT at a law school should go without a hitch. Outside of law schools, it’s more of a gamble. But you should all make your way to our reviews of Blueprint area LSAT test centers.

At times, LSAT proctors can be extremely unprofessional. If you run up against an LSAT proctor that calls time five minutes too early, or talks on her cellphone, the best you’ll get from LSAC is a free shot at another LSAT. That makes me angry, and I don’t ever have to worry about taking the LSAT ever again.

It’s best you do some research before you commit to a test center. You have until September 11 to change your test center.


September 11 is also your last day to get a partial refund.

Get Some “You” Time

This is an incredibly stressful time for LSAT preppers. You need to take care of yourself. Eat right. Exercise. See some friends.