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Master the Feb LSAT with Winter Classes, Starting This Week

  • by M Hope Echales
  • Nov 28, 2017
  • Blueprint Products and Promotions, LSAT

Thanksgiving is behind us, and December is just around the corner. That means that our next round of LSAT classes are also just around the corner — we’ve got Winter 2018 LSAT classes across the country starting up this week.

Many students who enroll in our Winter courses plan on taking the February LSAT. The February test is a bit of an odd duck. For one thing, it’s undisclosed, which means that — although, of course, you get a score from it — LSAC doesn’t release the test questions after the fact. In theory, this means that you won’t ever be able to look back at the questions you got wrong; in practice, that doesn’t really matter, because after you take the LSAT you likely won’t want to look at a question ever again. The February test also straddles two admissions cycles; some (though not all schools) will consider February 2018 LSAT scores for the upcoming fall’s entering class, but some February test-takers don’t plan to apply until the following fall (to start law school in 2019).

Ultimately, the best time to take the LSAT is whenever you’ll have the most time to study. (And don’t let the undisclosed nature of the February LSAT spook you — there’s a common myth that that test is the “hardest” or is somehow stranger than the other test administrations, but there’s nothing to that rumor.) So if you have been meaning to get around to taking the LSAT and will have some time off over the holidays that you’d like to put to good use, consider enrolling in one of these classes, which start soon!

And, if you needed even more of an incentive, our holiday sale is still going on – until 11:59pm PST on Sunday, you can use the code HOLIDAY200 to get $200 off a live Blueprint LSAT course!

So here are all the classroom courses that are starting up this week to prepare for the February LSAT!

Bay Area:

Berkeley: Starting Sunday, 12/3 with instructor Aaron Cohn

Los Angeles:

Downtown LA: Starting Thursday, 11/30 with instructor Kyle Gehrman
Northridge: Starting Saturday, 12/2 with instructor Branden Frankel
UCLA: Starting Saturday, 12/2 with instructor Spencer Robbins

Orange County:

Irvine: Starting Thursday, 11/30 with instructor Ross Rinehart

San Diego:

San Diego: Starting Saturday, 12/2 with instructor Xander Nabavi-Noori


Miami: Starting Saturday, 12/2 with instructor Daniel Gonzalez


Chicago: Starting Saturday, 12/2 with Cory O’Brien

Washington D.C.:

Washington, D.C.: Starting Saturday, 12/2 with instructor Maria LaBella

New York:

New York 1: Starting Saturday, 12/2 with instructor Brett Donaldson
New York 2: Starting Sunday, 12/3 with instructor Kevin Lin

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