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March 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival


If you like fun, revelry, and shared experiences, then today, my friend, you are in luck. Because today, we’re throwing a party. And not just any kind of party — a carnival. Which is easily the third- or fourth-best kind of party (easily topping parties of the housewarming, garden, and soirée variety, but probably falling short of birthday and surprise parties).

As we do following every new LSAT, we’re throwing a post-exam carnival. And we’re inviting all your LSAT pals. We’ve sifted through all the post-exam hullabaloo online and picked the best comments for you to peruse at your leisure. So grab a drink, relax, and mingle with your post-exam brethren. If you’d instead like to hear what us wizened elders of the LSAT community thought about the test, check out our recap here.

All right, end of preamble! Let’s get to carnival-ing!


That’s not the energy I was hoping for! Let’s get the conversation going … um … OK, I got it … Who here thinks they had the worst proctor?


That’s pretty wild. But maybe she was checking for weapons? You’d be surprised by the number of LSAT takers who respond to a particularly brutal Reading Comp passage by trying to stab it. All right … new question … is there anything you know now that you wish you knew before the test?


OK, raw almonds demand a beverage and Reese’s wrappers stoke envy. I’m not sure what bartending has to do with anything though. OK, another question … anyone here have any test-day superstitions?


My goodness, those notes are beautiful. I’m honestly speechless. And I can see you’re a Blueprint student too! Surely the exam went well for you. OK another question … err … I’m kind of at a loss. So, um, did anything stick out about the exam?


Yikes, so y’all hated that game?


Hell’s bells. OK. Well, hopefully you had some support after going through something like that. Perhaps from a loved one?


Yeesh, S.S. Jarv (we assume that’s your ship-like name, at least). We’re sorry a-boat that. It’s OK though, you have us. Let’s all try to get our mind off that test. Would anyone like a drink?


I like your style, S. Patrick Boyle.


Interesting drink choice, but we can’t fault ya’. Anyone want some food?


Ahh, nice — crème brûlée. Its hard exterior belies a soft and sweet interior. The perfect respite from the LSAT, which is just hard and bitter all the way through.

All right, so anyone without a drink, we got you. We have, as you can see, a bevy of beverages you can choose from.

And how about some music? Let’s make it March-themed! Let’s see … hmm … how does everyone feel about some melancholy trap music?

All right, now this feels like a party. Let’s get it everyone.

So how we feeling now?




What do beans have to do with Northern Europeans?


Woah, I think you guys have to slow down. I’m not even sure what you’re saying anymore. You need us to call you an Uber?

All right, looks like we need to wrap this carnival up. Can anyone offer us a pearl of wisdom to end this?


OK! Well, nonethess, congrats on finishing, everyone.