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LSAT Withdraw Policy: June LSAT Takers Rejoice

The LSAC has made a significant policy change. Previously, students who decided to not take the test after the postponement date (3 weeks before test day) could not withdraw their registrtion. They would have to either be marked “absent,” which goes on LSAC reports and will be visible to law schools, or take the test and cancel.

The new policy allows students to withdraw up until the day of the test. Students withdrawing less than 3 weeks before the test will still not receive  refund, but they won’t have to explain away the absence. Details are here.

Why does this matter now? Students preparing for the June test are going to hit up against the postponement date soon. Students who aren’t certain they’ll be ready will now have the option to study right up until test day and withdraw if they aren’t prepared.

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