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LSAT Score Vs. Starting Lawyer Salary

It’s no secret that the LSAT is a big investment no matter which LSAT prep program you choose or which LSAT test date you register for. You’re going to sacrifice a lot to reach your goal score, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Studies have shown there is a correlation between your LSAT score and your starting salary as a lawyer. A higher LSAT score can increase your chances of getting accepted into higher-ranked law school, which can open the door to a multitude of opportunities for your legal career. The top firms (with the highest salaries) tend to recruit at the top law schools and although your achievements in law school play a large role, you still want to make sure you’ve put yourself in the best position to get recruited from the get-go. 

Still not sure how all this is related? Grab a seat. In this session, Gerry H., a Blueprint Law School Admissions Consultant, explains how your LSAT score can increase your chances of a law school scholarship and even greater financial success as a lawyer.  Find out how investing your time, energy, and budget now to prep for the LSAT can lead to huge payoffs after law school! 

Then check out the average LSAT score for the Top 20 Law Schools and create your LSAT game plan! Blueprint LSAT has a prep course for every learning style. Get started for free by creating a Blueprint account today!