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LSAT-Flex Firsthand Experiences


Nervous about taking your first LSAT-Flex exam in July (or, dare we say, August)? We’re here for you! Senior LSAT Instructor and LSAT Advisor Ross Rinehart talked with LSAT students who took the May LSAT-Flex about test day tips, things to look out for, and how to make sure your test doesn’t get thrown out [hint: close Spotify].

Watch the replay of our LSAT-Flex panel below and get more tips on how to prep for the LSAT-Flex, possible worst-case scenarios, and answers to your FAQs on our LSAT Blog!

If you’re not sure you want to take the LSAT-Flex and would rather plan for a future LSAT date, we’ve got your back. Blueprint LSAT has an LSAT prep course to fit your learning style. Whether you’re looking for an online instructor-guided an on-demand LSAT course (Self-Paced course), or private LSAT tutoring, you will receive the dedication and expertise you need to achieve a high LSAT score.