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Take Control of Your LSAT With These Accessibility Features

It’s easy to feel like the LSAT controls you. We’ve all been there. Waking up in the middle of the night from an LSAT stress dream? Check. Starting to nitpick my friends when they use common flaws? Consider me controlled. And, in the latest exercise of control, the LSAT is changing their formatting of CANNOT and EXCEPT questions to cannot and except. Well, perhaps that last one was for the better. This just the latest addition to their ongoing accessibility features list.

Standard Accessibility Features (No LSAT Accommodations Request Needed)

As first launched in the August 2023 LSAT, LSAC decided to change the formatting of their notorious CANNOT and EXCEPT questions from ALL CAPS to lowercase bold. LSAC does this to be more accessible to test-takers with certain disabilities. The lowercase bold is a bit easier on the eye than the ALL CAPS – it’s easier to identify the words by their shape while still maintaining that attention-grabbing action. And don’t we all know we need that extra reminder? (Sighs for all the wrong answers due to forgetting their twist).

Yet a great part of this change is the reminder of ways that we can actually take control of the LSAT. Our new lowercase bold friends are joining the list of accessibility features LSAC offers. Among the ranks are keyboard-controlled screen readers, magnification software, and speech recognition software. But, there are also accessibility features for which you don’t need to download external software—some that are already baked right into your testing experience! With these tools, you can personalize how your test appears on the screen.

You can create a layout that works best for you. You can control your LSAT visual experience.

Both Blueprint and Lawhub contain accessibility features that align with LSAC’s vision to make the technological test format as accessible as possible. All of these features come from the toolbar at the top of your test page screen. Consider this your tour of what you can and cannot change during the LSAT.

Take A Tour of LSAT Accessibility Features

1. Text Size

The LSAT is a challenge, but that challenge shouldn’t be rooted in just trying to see the words on the screen. There’s a tool for that! You can change your text size from four options: default, small, large, or extra large.

Blueprint Text Size

Blueprint LSAT Accessibility Feature - Text Size

LawHub Text Size 

LSAC Accessibility Feature - Text Size

2. Line Height

If you find yourself bouncing back and forth between sentences because you’re struggling to keep track of which line you’re reading from – this is the tool for you! There are three options for you when it comes to the space between your lines of text: default, medium, and large.

Blueprint Line Height

Blueprint LSAT Accessibility Features - Line Height

LawHub Line Height

LSAT Accessibility Features - Line Height

3. Passage Only View

If you hop one tool down the line, you’ll see “Passage Only View.” This is a great tool for those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of text on the page in Logic Games or Reading Comprehension. (Note: As of August 2024, the LSAT will no longer have a Logic Games Section. The June 2024 exam will be the final LSAT with Logic Games. Learn more about the change here.)

Or, this could be for those who get distracted by seeing the first question while completing their initial read or set up. This view will hide the questions on the right, making the passage take up your screen. Compare and contrast the original view with “Passage Only View” on Blueprint and LawHub:

Blueprint Passage Only

Blueprint LSAT Accessibility Features - Passage Only View

LawHub Passage Only

LSAT Accessibility Features - Passage OnlyLSAT Accessibility Features - Passages

4. Hide Timer

Any other anxious test takers out there? This tool is amazing for when that timer countdown captures more of your attention than the test itself. You actually have the choice to hide or show that timer at any time you please. Click on the time itself in the top right corner to make it disappear and reappear.

Blueprint Hide Timer

Blueprint LSAT Accessibility Features - Hide Timer 

LawHub Hide Timer

LSAT Accessibility Features - Hide Timer 

Of course, you are not required to use any of these tools. But, play around with them to see if any can make the test visuals more suitable for you. Remember – there is a part of the LSAT you have control over!

Blueprint gives you all the same features as LawHub, both with the same purpose: to provide students with a realistic test-taking experience. That realistic practice is the key to effective LSAT prep — and this includes taking advantage of the LSAT accommodations and accessibility features to which you’re entitled. When you take a practice test in the Blueprint LSAT platform, you’ll always experience test-like conditions so there are no surprises on test day. Try it now by creating a free Blueprint LSAT account!