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LSAC Releasing February LSAT Scores Today, On Schedule

LSAT score release day is always stressful. The uncertainty. The waiting. The drinking.

Right on schedule, LSAC is releasing February LSAT scores today. I always feel like February LSAT score release day is even more stressful than the other LSAT score release days. With every other LSAT administration, you can go back over your test, see what went wrong, and beat yourself up for those stupid mistakes. Demoralizing? Yes. But not nearly as stressful as just getting a number and forever wondering what went wrong.

I’ve got a few more of you drinking now, don’t I?

The February LSAT is a weird beast, so the advice I give to those receiving their February LSAT scores today is also going to be a bit wonky.

Don’t sweat it.


Let’s say you don’t do as well as you hoped. If you’re in the super-over-achiever camp that took the February LSAT extremely early, and you’re not going to start applying to law schools until the fall, then you’re still in good shape. You can prep, take the June LSAT (or October LSAT), and still be way ahead of the game. If you’re in the super-late-to-the-law-school-game camp that took this February LSAT to apply for law school starting in the fall, you probably should join the first camp and put off law school applications for another year. Law school admissions are on a rolling basis, so applying in February does put you at a disadvantage.

The flipside is that you did do well (or better than you hoped) on the February LSAT. If this is the case, law school numbers are way down, and schools are accepting February LSAT scores (and, in some cases, even June LSAT scores) to start school in the fall. While rolling admissions places late applicants at a disadvantage, this is mainly for borderline candidates. If you got a great LSAT score, you’re probably above borderline, and law schools will always find a place for students with a GPA/LSAT combo above their medians.

What if this was your third attempt at the LSAT in two years (the limit), and your February LSAT score wasn’t as high as you’d hoped? I’d still recommend waiting it out. Yes, I know, you’re ready to go. But, as stated above, borderline candidates fare significantly better when they apply early. A law school that might reject you should you send in a late application now might be happy to have you next year, especially if the downward trend of law school applications continues.

Whatever the case, there’s nothing you can do about your February LSAT score now. So go out, have some fun, and remember that law school will always be there, and there’s always another LSAT.

You just might have to wait a bit for it.