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LSAC Newsletter: Super Prep II and a February Increase

LSAC recently released its biannual newsletter, and the big news is the planned release of Super Prep II, a new prep book that will include three previously undisclosed LSATs along with explanations for every question. For those of you who weren’t frantically refreshing your browser waiting for LSAC’s thrilling newsletter release, this post is aimed to bringing out the key points for potential LSAT test-takers.

Super Prep II might be useful to prep students for several reasons. First, taking real tests is one of the best ways to test your comprehension of the methods, and some students plow through so much material that the additional exams will feel like manna from heaven to them.

I should say, however, that it is important to take practice exams in the right way. For many students, they shouldn’t even glance at these new tests. I took too many practice exams when I was preparing for the LSAT. I didn’t review them closely enough, so I didn’t do a very good job of learning from my mistakes. When you go through the exams offered by LSAC, you should avoid a results-oriented approach, and instead focus on the weaknesses your performance reveals. If you approach exams like that, they are one of the most useful ways to improve your score.

The full explanations in Super Prep II could be particularly helpful in that regard. Not only will these tests help you understand where you need to improve, but you can then make sure that you chose the right answer for the right reason. If you’re taking Blueprint, you probably don’t need to run out and grab Super Prep II, though. We already offer explanations for every available LSAT question, and we’ll do the same for these new tests.

One other important highlight of of LSAC’s newsletter: there was an increase in test-takers this February compared to last year. I would use this information as impetus to apply this cycle. Applications are still down overall, but the signs point to more people applying in upcoming cycles. So if you’re thinking of law school, make sure you apply when it’s still a good time to maximize your chances of acceptance and aid.