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Logical Reasonings

Here’s a new feature on the blog: Logical Reasonings. Each day, we’ll scan around the blogosphere to see what’s going on in the world of law school and the LSAT. Without further ado:

A) It’s not ABA accredited, but it’s a heck of a deal: UCI law students will receive 1/3 tuition scholarships.

B) Anna Ivey has some good advice on whether or not where you went to school matters when law schools are assessing your undergraduate GPA. The Ivey Files.

C) Randy Quaid flees to Canada, due to a subspecies of society called “Hollywood star-whackers”. We were surprised to learn that “Washed up career” was not the cause. Washington Post.

D) Colin’s suspicions that biz school students are far worse than JD’s might hold some water. Deal Breaker.

E) Some application advice from lawschoolpodcaster, which itself is a pretty good resource for all things law school. Law School Podcaster.