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Logical Reasonings

A) Law school applications are down 8.5% compared to last year, and over 30% since 2012. Basically, law schools are about as full as Kirk Cameron’s birthday party. Wall Street Journal

B) However, December LSAT administrations increased (ever so slightly) for the first time since 2009. And maybe Kirk Cameron’s friends were all just out of town? LSAC

C) All this shrinkage means law schools are competing for students that they would never even have thought about before. Inside Higher Ed

D) Top law firms organized by law school pedigree. If you’re into biglaw, it’s pretty interesting. If you’re into categorized words and numbers, it’s even more interesting. Above The Law

E) SpaceX’s booster crash is like a real life Michael Bay movie. And Elon Musk has a pretty good sense of humor about it. Slate