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Logical Reasonings

A) The American Bar Association’s Commission on Disability Rights has had enough discrimination against LSAT test takers with extra needs. And LSAC isn’t very happy. National Law Journal.

B) Right on cue: An Ivy Leaguer alleges discrimination against LSAC because he didn’t receive extra time on the LSAT to accomodate his learning disability. Boston Business Journal.

C) Summer law firm hiring is in style. GQ already ran a 10-page feature on it. Reuters.

D) If you go by his works of literature, Charles Dickens didn’t care for lawyers. His “I ♥ Lawyers” tattoo tells a different story. New York Times.

E) The question regarding the following blog is, did the idea spawn from the “mews”/”muse” pun, or did the “mews”/”muse” pun come as a result of the idea? Typical chicken-or-the-egg-or-the-fat-cat situation. Fat Cat Art.