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Logical Reasonings

A. Even if you missed the LSAT Webinar this afternoon, you can still catch the Law School Admissions Webinar at 6 pm Pacific tonight. If you RSVP and attend that one, you’ll get $300 off our classroom courses and $75 off the first month of a subscription to our online course, in addition to a ton of guidance in how to apply to law school. Blueprint LSAT

B. The recently shuddered Charlotte School of Law is suing the ABA, arguing the ABA violated the school’s due process rights when it put the school on probation. ABA Journal

C. We discussed “ambulance chasing” today, and that’s one name critics have called Michael Avenatti. Maybe those critics should brush up on ad hominem fallacies? Above the Law

D. New reports suggest that Trump Jr.’s lawyer tried to get the parties to the Trump Tower meeting with the Russia-connected lawyer to agree on a story about what happened at the meeting. Seems innocent enough. Washington Post

E. Choosing Laurel or Yanny is the height of an exclusivity fallacy. This NYT tool lets you hear both (theoretically, at least … my old-ass ears can barely hear the high-frequency “Yanny” even with the tool). NY Times