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Logical Reasonings

A. Above the Law discusses the “brain drain” affecting law schools. However, recent data suggest that this may be over. Law school applicants with good LSAT scores are way up this year. Above the Law

B. The GRE can add Chicago-Kent College of Law to its list of conquests. For whatever reason, the GRE schools are mostly clustered in New York and Illinois. Perhaps, like the archetypical American frontiersperson, the GRE is moving westwards across this great nation. Chicago-Kent College of Law

C. If this Pennsylvania DA were a character in a police procedural, most would probably say he was a little over the top and implausible. In real life, law enforcement doesn’t seem to have that problem. ABA Journal

D. Trump claims to not be aware of his attorney’s payment to Stormy Daniels. If that’s true, apparently Michael Cohen missed the day in law school where they tell you that you don’t have make voluntary, unilateral payments on behalf of your client. Washington Post

E. LeBron James is really locked in for these upcoming NBA playoffs. He’s so amped up and competitive he’s brining in-all-likelihood frivolous copyright claims at Nick Saban. ESPN