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Logical Reasonings

A. Here’s some #inspiration for the trying times in your LSAT studies, with stories of law students hand selected by LSAC. LSAC

B. If a law professor ever tries to banish laptops from the classroom, show her this study, and then tell her she can take your laptop from your cold, dead, currently-scrolling-through-your-social-media-feeds hands.

C. Looks like the Supreme Court will take another bite out of the travel ban apple. NY Times

D. Will a government shut down close down federal courts and give litigators, judges, and clerks some R&R? Apparently only if the government is shut down for more than three weeks. ABA Journal

E. A new judge on the 6th Circuit is looking to make big changes to 4th Amendment jurisprudence. According to a sweeping decision by Judge John K. Bush, cops can now search your entire home if they suspect you used a computer to commission a crime. Slate