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Logical Reasonings

A. If you’re studying for the February LSAT and need some help, help will soon be on its way. Starting next week, you can study with one of our expert tutors at 20% discount. Learn more here! Blueprint LSAT

B. Meet the Missouri Law 1L who is also, incredibly, the starting point guard on Mizzou’s D1 basketball team. Stay for the very nerdy law-related signs her classmates bring to games, such as, “No. 5 is 1L of a player” and “Tres ipsa loquitur.” Above the Law

C. Bona fide buzzkill Jeff Sessions rescinded the Obama-era Cole memos today, which discouraged federal prosecutors from bringing charges against marijuana sellers and growers who were complying with state laws in states with legalized weed. Huffington Post

D. Some governors of high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, and California are considering bringing a constitutional challenge against the tax bill for treating residents of these high-tax states differently, by setting a cap on the SALT deductions. ABA Journal

E. Spectre and Meltdown sound like two also-ran MCU villains, but apparently they are security flaws in almost every computer, smartphone, and tablet that we should be very, very worried about. Washington Post