Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Tomorrow we’ll be slashing the price off our awesome Logic Games and Reading Comp course books on Amazon to $39. So give the gift of LSAT domination this season. Or wait until after the holidays — the discount will last until Monday, January 1st at 9am. Blueprint LSAT

    B. You may need the money you saved on those books to pay for Netflix now that the FCC, headed by world’s lamest dork Ajit Pai, voted to end net neutrality. Washington Post

    C. A bunch of Rutgers law students, who were trying to take their torts final on the same morning of the attempted subway attack in New York and were locked out of the classroom in which they’d be taking the exam, apparently inconvenienced the associate dean enough for the dean to put them on time-out before the exam. Above the Law

    D. The Thomas M. Cooley School of Law at Western Michigan tried to sue the ABA to try to bar the association from giving prospective students information about the law school’s accreditation. Things did not work out so well for said law school. ABA Journal

    E. Matthew Petersen, a federal judicial nominee who has never tried a case, could not tell the Senate what a “motion in limine” was. That’s 1L stuff dude. Law.com

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