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Logical Reasonings

A. Our Holiday Sale is still going strong. Until Sunday at 11:59 pm PST, we’re offering a $200 discount on the in-person Winter, Spring, and Summer classroom courses we have posted on our website. Just enter promo code HOLIDAY200 when you enroll online! Blueprint LSAT

B. Here’s a chart explaining how students from the various New York law schools did on the infamously difficult New York bar exam. Above the Law

C. Lest you think that frivolous law suits and insolent students are exclusive to the US of A, here’s an Oxford grad suing his former uni, alleging that “bad teaching” cost him a chance of attending an Ivy League law school. It’s like this dude hasn’t been paying attention to the advice this blog’s been giving for years: that your LSAT score is way more important your GPA. ABA

D. Don’t forget that a J.D. can open up a lot of doors. Hell, even a fake J.D. can open up the doors to Buckingham Palace. BBC

D. The Art of a Deal, Chapter 13: How to preemptively alienate the other side and get them to negotiate with other people instead. Washington Post