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Logical Reasonings

A. Our tutoring sale is still going strong, and will keep on going until Friday, August 4th at 6:30 pm PDT. 20% off all tutoring packages with promo code SUMMER20 at the link to the right. Blueprint LSAT

B. Last night, WaPo reported that President Trump told Trump Jr. to use the old meeting-with-a-Russian-attorney-with-ties-to-the-Kremlin-during-a-U.S.-presidential-campaign-in-order-to-discuss-a-program-about-adopting-Russian-children excuse that Trump Jr. trotted out before disclosing the full email thread a few days later. Washington Post

C. Speaking of fabricated stories from the White House, a lawsuit alleges that the Trump Administration reviewed drafts of Fox News reports of the baseless conspiracy theory relating to the death of DNC aide Seth Rich. NPR

D. Senator Cory Booker introduced legislation–surely going nowhere given that the GOP controls the Senate and the current (at least for now) Attorney General loves the war on drugs more than most Alabamans love the Roll Tide–that would legalize marijuana, expunge federal marijuana convictions, and penalize states that arrest certain races disproportionately for marijuana-related crimes. Washington Post

E. Finally, if your idea of a safety school involves a beleaguered for-profit law school that has already lost its ability to award federal financial aid and may shut down at any moment, you’re in luck: the Charlotte School of Law may soon have its aid restored. Inside Higher Ed