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Logical Reasonings

A. Want a dramatic illustration of just how much further a good LSAT score will take you these days? The number of law school applicants with a 160 or above has declined by 61% since 2010. The only thing that’s declined more than that since 2010 is the number of American Apparels. School Info System

B. If you want to talk like a big law big dog, here’s a video primer on their jargon. Big Law Business

C. The securities case against notorious big phrama bro Martin Shkreli is off to a shaky start, with potential jurors already tainted by Shkreli’s infamy. Per one juror: “In my head, I said, ‘That’s a snake.’” Med City News

D. Blue Apron is planning on launching its IPO, but Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods cut the share price by a third, which has got the food delivery service feeling blue … apron. Grub Street

E. Like every other trendy toy before it, fidget spinners are now exploding. Gizmodo