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Logical Reasonings

A) Villanova School of Law busted for reporting inaccurate admissions data. Cue the “Law and Order” sound. ABA Journal.

B) Viagra wins court battle over a generic brand that uses the same ingredients. The decision is expected to last longer than four hours. Wall Street Journal.

C) A Nigerian man who scammed 80 law firms for $31 million is caught. I hope he’s got a good lawyer. Or at least one he didn’t swindle. Washington Post.

D) Have you heard of Rocket Lawyer yet? Don’t worry. You will. Google is now on board. Forbes.

E) Wayne Gretzky would be proud of this sixth-grader who nailed a $50,000 hockey shot. Loophole aficionados will be happy to hear the kid’s not getting any money. Deadspin.