Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Ahhh, networking. Does anyone actually enjoy networking? Isn’t “network” a noun? Well, in law school it’s as verby as they come. (Bonus points if you caught the irony of turning “verb” into an adjective.) US News & World Report

    B. The bar exam is just around the corner for plenty of soon-to-be lawyers. Pretty scary stuff. Above the Law

    C. OMG, Jim “Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory” Parsons was not nominated for an Emmy this year. [Clutches pearls and faints.] Entertainment Weekly

    D. Leonardo DiCaprio has dated a lot more models than you have. Huffington Post

    E. Apparently, Tim Tebow is going to speak at the RNC convention in Cleveland. Will he be reading off a teleprompter, because it’d be very surprising if he actually can read. PBS

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