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Logical Reasonings

A) Another law school seems to be in financial trouble. Suddenly this article seems very prescient. Above the Law

B) A law school in Hawaii is joining a few others around the country by admitting students without the LSAT. It will be interesting to see if its far-flung location means more local residents will actually take advantage of it. KHON

C) Don’t let grades or test scores destroy your grad school dreams. Also, don’t eat spicy food right before bedtime — that will also destroy your dreams. U.S. News & World Report

D) In France, a bar owner is facing Manslaughter charges for selling a patron 56 shots in one night. Munchies

E) The Onion has some tips for last-minute test cramming. My favorite: Just do your best, and remember that you’ve had more opportunities, privilege, and support than anyone in your family’s history.