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Logical Reasonings

A) A high LSAT score has never been more in demand: “Around 5,400 people with the highest scores will enroll in law school this year, down from 9,400 in 2010 [while] some 8,700 low-scoring students will likely start law school in 2015, up from 7,000 in 2010.” Bloomberg

B) Amal Clooney’s Columbia Law students are under something of a gag order about her class. Above the Law

C) Now’s the time to start buying .law web domains. ABA Journal

D) This math problem from Singapore is driving the internet crazy, and may remind you of some of the more nightmarish Logic Games you’ve practiced with. New York Times

E) If you saw Dennis Quaid’s freak out video yesterday, it’s… not what you think it is. Slate