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LG – Hot Sauces 4

Six hot sauces – C D E F G and H – will be arranged from hottest to mildest in a straight line and numbered consecutively 1 (hottest) through 6 (mildest). The hot sauces are assigned one sauce per position, according to the following conditions:
1. F and G must be assigned to positions that are separated from each other by exactly one position
2. F and D cannot be assigned to positions that are next to each other
3. D is milder than E
4. C is placed in position 5

4. Which one of the following must be false?
A. If F is in position 2, D is in position 6
B. If G is in position 3, D is in position 2
C. If G is in position 6, E is in position 1
D. If E is in position 1, F is in position 2
E. If D is in position 6, H is in position 4

CORRECT ANSWER: (B) – If G is in position 3, D is in position 2
EXPLANATION: Answer choice (B) must always be false because if G is in position 3, that means that F must be in position 1, per rule #1, since it cannot be in position 5 per rule #4. And if F must be in 1, that means that D can never be in position 2 because that would violate rule #2, by placing D next to F.

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