June LSAT Prep Must: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

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    It’s an interesting time in the world right now. There’s no Pope. Justin Bieber is in the early stages of his downfall. And Kim Jong-un is threatening to nuke America — despite Dennis Rodman’s best(?) efforts to convince him otherwise.

    Also, the transition into June LSAT prep mode is happening right now. Law school applications numbers are expected to continue to fall, so most people taking the June LSAT really want to get into law school. As always, the higher your LSAT, the better your chances of admission. But if you want a high LSAT score, it’s going to take some work. And some help.

    Enter: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games — the new LSAT book from Blueprint LSAT Prep. Whether you’re taking an LSAT prep class or studying on your own, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games can help you boost that LSAT Analytical Reasoning score and, ultimately, your overal LSAT score. Here’s why:

    Note: As of August 2024, the LSAT will no longer have a Logic Games Section. The June 2024 exam will be the final LSAT with Logic Games. Learn more about the change here.

    The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games condenses the LSAT Logic Games portion of a Blueprint LSAT Prep course into 561 pages — using our signature insight and humor to break down 35 real LSAT Logic Games released by Law Services. The LSAT book teaches the “Blueprint Building Blocks” necessary for identifying LSAT Logic Games types and then solving them. After reading The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games, you should be as confident tackling LSAT Analytical Reasoning questions as Blueprint LSAT Prep co-founder Matt Riley — who wrote the LSAT book and has never missed an LSAT Logic Games question on a real LSAT.


    Just look at that cover. Ain’t it a beaut?

    The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is available now for the introductory price of $49.99. Order your copy today and get a head start on that June LSAT Prep.

    Your LSAT score will thank you later.

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